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The climate adaptation app gives urban designers, engineers or others insight in feasible measures for a project with a specific climate adaptation goal. The app will generate a selection of feasible climate adaptation measures in less than a minute. If for instance, an urban development in a flood plain is to be prepared for river flooding, the app will rank feasible measures based on the local conditions and the user’s input.
Com o app Deixe sua Pegada você verifica o tamanho da sua pegada ecológica.O que é Pegada Ecológica?
“Pegada ecológica refere-se à quantidade de a quantidade de recursos naturais (como água, petróleo e terras férteis) que seria necessária para sustentar as gerações atuais, tendo em conta todos os recursos materiais e energéticos, gastos por uma determinada população (wikipédia).”


Changers CO2 Fit es una aplicación que te recompensa cada vez que utilizas la bici o el transporte público para reducir tus emisiones de CO2, Esta aplicación es capaz de medir la cantidad de CO2 que emitimos cuando andamos en bicicleta, cuando tomamos el autobús o conducimos el coche para pagarte 1 recoin por cada kilogramo de CO2 que hayas ahorrado. Los Recoins (Renewable Energy Coins) es un tipo de moneda verde que utiliza este sistema para recompensar a los usuarios que llevan una vida más sustentable. Además también puedes ganar premios, insignias y posiciones en el ranking mundial.


NASA 1- minute interesting videos

NASA isn’t all about interplanetary exploration; in fact, the agency spends much of its time studying our home planet. This fun-filled, yet sobering, whiteboard animation series explains Earth science to the science-curious.


Gas problem:

Earth has a fever:

Usual Suspects:


 SETI Institute Podcast: Big Picture Science

Surviving the Anthropocene

World is hot, and getting hotter. But higher temperatures aren’t the only impact our species is having on mother Earth. Urbanization, deforestation, and dumping millions of tons of plastic into the oceans … these are all ways in which humans are leaving their mark.

So are we still in the Holocene, the geological epoch that started a mere 11,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age? Some say we’ve moved on to the age of man – the Anthropocene.

It’s the dawn of an era, but can we survive this new phase in the history of our planet?


Revista do Clima

Um Novo Tempo

Na primeira edição, com a chamada a Nova Realidade da Mudança Climática, o Planeta Sustentável compilou artigos do blog do clima sobre o novo relatório do IPCC (Intergovernmental  Panel on Climate Change)



Urban Climate Change Resilience: A Synopsis


There is no single action that will make a city resilient to the shocks and stresses brought on by climate change. Urban Climate Change Resilience: A Synopsis provides a concise introduction to the core principles and qualities of urban climate change resilience (UCCR), including lessons from applying this approach across South and Southeast Asian cities. This synopsis is intended for ADB project officers, consultants, and partner cities who are interested in building UCCR, and for those working with ADB’s Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund.





imagePlataformas – projetos de água e juventude

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