International Youth Day

This blog post isn’t a new or research, but a reflection of my view about youth and my experience in the attempt of generating structural for a sustainable society:

What do we mean when we say Youth? Is that a age-restricted definition? Is a lifestyle? A way of thinking?

🔋For me youth is…
A state of energy- is like an electric generator, in the way of transforming ideas into actions!

Back in the days during a visit of the Iguassu Falls when I was a energy engineering student… Miss you guys!

💡A state of the mind- when you aren’t afraid about walking forward, risking and taking altruist decisions: everything or nothing!

When we were creating the bases of what a youth climate change commission might do… This idea would become of what nowadays is know as the Youth Group of Parana 3 Basin (CJBP3)

🎨A state of diverse emotions- when your are driven by deep feelings to disrupt current trends and to look for your own pathway … Giving meaning to your existence.

Even sending a stratosphere ballon with experiments to space!! Glad to have been a mentor in the Space Camp Brazil 2017

I could keep writing the whole day… Anyway I’ll highlight some interesting actions and youth groups that are working for a new civilizatory paradigm, apparently with simple actions but building a solid pathway towards sustainability:



-A group of amazing young leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean with the goal to promote and work for the sustainable transition in the region and in the world, to envision a strong integration within the continent, and there are not doubts that ENERLAM will be in the frontline for the Sustainable Development Goals #SDG7 and contributing to social and technological innovation for the next generation of Leaders that act on energy that will represent our continent!!!!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



-Enernerds that organized the International Student Energy Summit ( where students from around the world got empowered to #ReleaseyourPotential and go back to their countries to create, transform a new concept of energy in our life!




COLETIVO JOVEM DA BP3/ Youth Group of the Parana 3 Basin (CJBP3)

-Youth from all society sectors joined to learn and promote actions based on: sustainability/ citizenship/ Youth participation in 25 cities in the Parana Western area (Brazil), contacting policy makers, connecting and training youth, understanding the youth needs, while ensuring that youth voices will be heard and be taken into account





-Mostly a group of youth students that work in the following areas: forests, waste management, education and climate change in the triple frontier region Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay




GRINVEX- Group of existential inverters

-A group of research and study of the application of the invexis (existential inversion- technique of maximum planning of the human life, based on the prioritization of assistance since youth and in the optimization of the personal evolution). The basis of grinvex is the mutual learning from healthy convivial, the exchange of experiences, the research and scientific production on topics related to the experience of invexis, and youth in general.


Well I think you already understood my view of youth! The question now is what are you doing to promote youth empowering and why do you think youth is a fundamental stage to transform our society?



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