Singapore can take lead as low-carbon investor

By Jessica Robinson And Nathan Fabian, For The Straits Times

Credit: Blue Point Trading
Credit: Blue Point Trading

Singapore has something to teach us. Environmentally, it has performed well. In 2011, Singapore was rated as Asia’s top-performing city in the Green City Index, created by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Siemens. This year, for the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, it was rated the top Asian city under the “planet” category.

Singapore has had many successes, achieving some of the highest rates of waste collection and recycling and lowest rates of water leakages. It performs strongly in terms of the allocation of green space and sanitation. And it has an exemplary mass transit system.

However, one of the biggest hurdles to building more livable cities is the lack of strong investors to finance the increasingly profitable opportunities to build more productive, efficient, low-carbon infrastructure for transport, energy and buildings.

As Singapore pulls together the plan that it will submit to the United Nations climate talks taking place later this year, it might want to consider how it uses its national assets to achieve climate goals, in particular through the investment activities of its sovereign wealth funds.

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