Why Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation?

Climate change… Causes, impacts, scenarios, projections, new climate agreements and policies, besides the action or inaction of the governments.. is what almost always we hear from the media; but what about the options we have in order address this, “the most challenging situation humankind has ever faced”? And the actions that civilian society can do change our “business as always” status?

First of all let’s talk a little bit about our view of climate change and the approaches we have to act and generate real solutions.

We may understand that Earth is the only habitable planet in the solar system, and even though space exploration has achieved significant milestones, the possibility to colonize Mars in large scale seems to be still far away…

Credit: Image courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center
“Blue Marble” – Credit: Image courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center – View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon in 1972

Secondly, the frontiers we have created are political, cultural, economical, as seen from space; Earth isn’t divided geographically into countries! So climate change is an issue that affect all of us. To put it in another way, the local and regional actions have influence over the planet system, e.g. the pollution produced in a country doesn’t remain in a specific location, affecting the neighboring regions and even reaching planetary scales.

Likewise, the actions we take towards climate change, aren’t to save the Earth.. Our planet has gone through extreme climate conditions… So the difference now is that we, humans are pretty susceptible to small changes in temperature and so on, and also we aren’t the only inhabitants of the planet… Therefore action is really needed.

Credit:  The Energy Library. And yes intentionally this picture  was placed her..is the general perspective of climate change...
Credit: The Energy Library.
And yes intentionally this picture was placed here..is the general perspective of climate change… “Something that doesn’t affect us… Humans”

In brief: we do have to act… But what to do? And how? Fortunately years of debate, researches, and proposals have came out with a logical and effective approach:

Mitigation and Adaptation

Credit: self authored
Credit: self authored


What does it exactly mean?

In order to reduce the risks and hazards of climate change, we have to work on the causes of climate change, that’s to say, create and develop strategic interventions and anthropogenic action taken to reduce or remove the greenhouse gases (GHG) released into the atmosphere, this is what MITIGATION means.

Author: Emmanuelle Bournay, UNEP/GRID-Arendal. 2008

Now, what about the consequences of climate change?

The action needed to protect people, buildings, infrastructure, businesses and ecosystems from the effects of climate change, is ADAPTATION.

Credits: The Climate CoLab

Climate change Mitigation and Adaptation are actions linked and reciprocal, they take into consideration short and long term actions and consequences; also,  are based on the following idea:

Act locally, assess regionally and think globally

I will develop this concepts throughout the blog, sharing our activities, ideas and resources, for you to take a lead and try out this approach and apply it to your community! We do have option to have the present and future we were told, in which we could be anyone and we as millennials have the power to make it happen, let’s get started!!

“We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last that will be able to do anything about it“.

-Jay Inslee


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